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Since I had my hands full tonight, my first post to the A to Z Challenge is coming late in the day.  So here it is.

I picked Attitudes to start out since every parent has to deal with their kid’s attitudes and I’m not any different.  Having two boys and two girls, I have seen all sorts of attitudes already in my house.  I know I haven’t seen all of them since my girls are only 4 years-old right now.

I have been trying to teach my kids to use the right and positive attitudes as much as possible when they can.  An example of my oldest doing this was last year when he got punched in the face by another kid at school.  He just dust himself off and kept his cool.  He made me so proud that day. that he choose not to fight.

My two girls are a hand full with their attitudes that they have.  They are sometimes the best of friends or at each other like cats and dogs.   You really have to start worrying about them when they start working as a team.