Here are probably some questions you are asking.

What am I going to blog on here?

I’ll tell you the interesting things that happened on my journey of raising four kids.  Sometimes my evenings are eventful and other times they are very boring.  Again this will be from the viewpoint of a father raising kids.

Do you have four kids?

Yes, we have four kids.  We have a twelve-year old boy named T, a eight-year-old boy named J, and six-year-old twin girls named M and L.  I will use their first initial when writing about them on my blog as well as Busy Mom for my wife.

When are you going to have time to write?

Yes, I know I have my hands full and that is why I will be writing in the evenings after the kids are in bed about the events that happen that day.  My wife and I try to make some time to do stuff to ourselves in the evenings.

Why use first initials on my blog?

This is to keep my family safe on the web and because I don’t want to mention any names on my blog unless the person says it’s OK to do so.  That is also why I will not list the town or state that we are from.


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