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This is a very powerful word and reaction that I have been teaching my kids from day one. I teach my kids that kindness does go a long way in life as well as it is the way I was raised.

Kindness is a word and emotion that some people take advantage of and others just take for granite. The bible also tells us to be kind to other and treat each other with kindness and respect. Kindness most of the time can turn a person that is in a bad mood into a good mood.

My kids practice this all of the time. Kindness also leads to them helping others and random acts of kindness. My face always has a smile on it when they do something for another person or kid out of kindness of their heart. I gives me a feeling that I have taught my kids well and to look at others with respect.

Sometimes my kids remind me of be kind and to have kindness when I’m having a bad day.

What is the last memory of your kids or yourself showing kindness to another person? What was the kind act about? Leave a message below in the comments.




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