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Starting today, I will be releasing topics (features) two to three times a week. I will release them on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on every week. Each day will have a different topic until I run out of topics or ideas. Here is the breakdown of each topic on which day that I will release it on.

Mondays – Becoming a better Father.

This feature will give you some type of advice and a call to action to improve yourself as a father or it could be as easy as a refresher for you too. I believe in being a good father. I’m not any better than anyone else since I’m human and even I’m still learning to be a good father. If you have a better way of doing something I mentioned in these articles, please feel free to send me an email and I’ll post it or even have a discussion about it with you.

Wednesdays – Favorite verses in the Bible.

In this feature, I will be listing out my favorite verses from the bible and what the meaning that I get from it. This doesn’t mean that my meaning is better than yours. It is just how I see it. If you have a different approach to what the meaning is to you, please feel free to share it. You might give me a better look into it or not. It never hurts to try. My meanings will also be around fatherhood as well.

Fridays – Free-For-All Fridays

This feature is wide open to anything dealing with fatherhood. This could be something that is mentioned to me via email, Facebook, or Twitter. This also could be a response to anything on T.V., radio, on the Internet, or anything I heard by word of mouth. If there isn’t anything to talk about then this will be skipped for the week. This is where some of the article lengths could get pretty long.

This will also be a question answering session as well from all of the questions from the previous week. If the get a lot of questions, then it will be the top questions I have receive that could benefit everyone if I answer in a post. I will try to respond to email with some type of answer if a question exists.

If someone shares a better idea then what I have shared, then I’ll write it up and share my thoughts on it and it could even change my thought process on how I view it.