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It only takes one event to change your perspective of life and how you live your life.  As a father of four kids this can be an eye opener and it can be an eye opener even if you don’t have kids.

I found a “Lump” on my chest and my mind start going into overdrive. Is it just a knot or is it a cyst or is it the big bad “C” word.  I found it a month ago and I just had it removed last Saturday.  This might not be a big deal for someone that had this done but it is a big deal for me.  Someone that is perfectly healthy with four kids.

It is scary to have one and not know what it is.  The doctors can only guess what it is without a biopsy.  Even doctors can get it wrong.  And they can get it right.  I know of a person that had a “Lump” and was told it was a cyst even after getting it taken out.  After it came back from the lab, it wasn’t a cyst.  It was cancer.

So knowing this and having everybody telling it could be a cyst, I wouldn’t be completely relieved until the lab tells me the same thing and I hoping for this.

I have been spending more time with my kids this past week then I normally do.  I also started doing a couple small things on my bucket list that I always wanted to do.  One of them is to read the bible all of the way through.

My perspective of life has changed a lot even if it is not cancerous and everything is normal.  My thought process on this has changed for the rest of my life and now my priorities has changed with it.

That is why I’m a couple letters behind everyone in the challenge.

Have you had a life changing event that changed your perspective of life?  ?  Did your priorities changed as well or are you back to the way you used to be?  Feel free to leave your answer in the comments and I will respond to the questions you have.

A to Z Challenge Letter P

A to Z Challenge Letter P