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This is number 6 of 25 posts in this series.  I’m a quarter the way through the series already and it still feels like I just started this series.  I hope you are learning new things with this series.  Feel free to check out the rest of them by clicking here.  The following advice will only work if you put the time and effort into making them work.  I hope you are getting positive results by doing what I have listed already.

If this are things that you are already doing then just consider this as a refresher course as being a Dad.  But please still read the article because you might learn something new or even can add more in the comment section if you have a better way to explain it.

Moms can do these as well as Dads so don’t be afraid to try Moms.


Advice “Forgive your dad for any grudges you hold against him”

This will not be easy if you have been hurt by your dad and still feel hurt by him.  But this is not healthy physically or mentally.  By holding on to this grudge then you are letting him win.  The best way to make yourself a better father then him is to forgive him and move on.  It might not make sense but to your kids it will show them not to hold on to grudges and to become better from it.  Your kids are still learning from you even if they are out of the house.  You will always teach them new stuff daily or weekly.  Show them compassion and forgiveness so they can pass that down to their kids.  Hate is not an answer to anything in life.  Life is to short and precious to have hate in it.

Advice “Teach a new dad what you’ve learned so far”

This also might be a hard thing to do if you don’t know anybody that is a new dad.  Some new dads might not want to be taught stuff that you have learned.  Just find a new dad and start having a conversation with them and offer advice to them.  Believe it or not if you learn new stuff from my series then I have taught you something and all I’m doing is giving you advice based on what I have learned so far.  Reminder that I’m learning still so I don’t have all of the answers.  But it makes me smile seeing the likes on my posts knowing someone is reading them.  Thank You for that.

Advice “Take time for yourself, so you can bring that sense of fulfillment with you to the family”

Everyone should take some time to themselves to a certain degree.  This will help you recharge yourself as well as hopefully doing something fun for yourself.  Taking too much time for yourself is also a bad thing as not taking enough time for yourself.  So you have to find a happy middle.  This can be a personal goal or just a goal you set for yourself.  This will teach your kids to go after their goals as well as staying in reality.

This also help keep you healthy and happy as well with a feeling of accomplishment.  Plus your confidence will be high and it will make your kids feel the same way.

One of my personal goals is to build a playhouse for my twin daughters.  This will allow me to take time for myself as well as make my daughters very happy.  This is a perfect example of taking time to yourself without being to selfish.  Since the playhouse is for my kids.

Advice “Remember what you hated to hear from your parents as a kid and vow to be different”

Sometimes the things you hated to hear when you were a kid is the same thing you are telling your kids today.  This has happen to every parent I have ever talked to about being a parent.  They all remember one or more things they hated hearing when they are young and they are saying them to their kids.

Some of those sayings our parents was telling us might not be that bad after all since we are now on the parent.  But there were things that we could change and those are the ones you want to change and not repeat.  Example if you were told you are not a good at anything, then you want to make sure you don’t repeat history and tell your kids that they can do whatever they try to.  Positive re-enforcement is always better than negative statements.

I hope this series will be a big hit for everyone.  Like always if you see something that I posted wrong or if I leave something out then please feel free to leave a comment or email me the information.  I want this to be something new or veteran dads can use as well as all of the Moms out there.

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