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This is number 10 of 25 posts in this series.  I hope you are learning new things with this series.  Feel free to check out the rest of them by clicking here.  The following advice will only work if you put the time and effort into making them work.  I hope you are getting positive results by doing what I have listed already.

If this are things that you are already doing then just consider this as a refresher course as being a Dad.  But please still read the article because you might learn something new or even can add more in the comment section if you have a better way to explain it.

Moms can do these as well as Dads so don’t be afraid to try Moms.


Advice “The next time you feel like giving up on something, do it anyway and use it as a teaching moment”

This can be a very good life lesson for your kids.  There are certain times that giving up is and best choice to do at that moment.  As a Dad, I don’t like doing this because it makes me feel like a failure.  But there are times this was the only choice that makes sense.  One of those times was when I took my kids fishing and we gave up after a few hours of not catching anything.  It was a hot day and I as well as the kids was starting to get sunburned.  This was a good time to give up.  I bad time is giving up because you are losing at a video game.

Advice “Remember that everyone is somebody’s child”

We all have parents.  It doesn’t mean that they were raised the same way as you.  Sometimes we are harsh on our children because we don’t want them to do what we did as kids.  Just remember you can’t shield them forever and you have to let them be kids so they can teach their kids not to do the same bad things when they were kids to their kids.

Advice “Listen to yourself. Do you sound like your dad? Is that a good thing?”

There is a saying I keep hearing from time to time.  “You sound like your Dad / Mom”.  Have you ever step back and listen to what you say?  I have and I found out that I do sound like my dad a lot.  This isn’t a good thing most of the time.  I wasn’t raised with God in my life as a kid, but now I do.  Some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth makes me sound bad for being a Christian and it bugs me.  SO please step back and listen to yourself or have your spouse listen to you.  Do you sound like him?  Is it a good thing you sound like your Dad or not?  If not then find a way to change it and make yourself better or you will pass your dad onto your kids as well.

Advice “Give yourself a break. I haven’t met a father yet who doesn’t make mistakes”

Don’t be too hard on yourself since everyone makes mistakes and we are still learning to be dads.  No one is perfect at being a father and I will challenge anyone that says they are perfect.  So don’t sweat the small stuff and the little mistakes you make on your journey.  Enjoy the stuff you did correctly and learn from your mistakes because when your sons come to you for guidance then you can tell them what to do and not do as being a father.  This works as well as daughters since their future spouse might ask you questions as well.

I hope this series will be a big hit for everyone.  Like always if you see something that I posted wrong or if I leave something out then please feel free to leave a comment or email me the information.  I want this to be something new or veteran dads can use as well as all of the Moms out there.

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