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This is number 9 of 25 posts in this series.  I hope you are learning new things with this series.  Feel free to check out the rest of them by clicking here.  The following advice will only work if you put the time and effort into making them work.  I hope you are getting positive results by doing what I have listed already.

If this are things that you are already doing then just consider this as a refresher course as being a Dad.  But please still read the article because you might learn something new or even can add more in the comment section if you have a better way to explain it.

Moms can do these as well as Dads so don’t be afraid to try Moms.


Advice “Remember that kids mirror our actions, so watch what you say to or around them”

This is the most important piece of advice I can give a new dad is this one.  Your kids will learn from watching you.  If you act one way and trying to teach them another way then you will be sending mixed messages to them.  You need to be teaching by example.  Do what you are trying to teach them.  I’m a strong believer that hate and bitterness is taught by doing what they are seeing.  Sometimes they are pear pressured into it until it becomes normal.  Step back and look at yourself as a father or mother.  Are you showing your kids the way they should act and say?  If so then is there another adult around them that they are learning from that you should step in and change?  These are very important questions that you need to answer.

Advice “Parenting is a shared responsibility. Jump in and do something mom normally does”

Parenting is not a one way street.  It is not a 100% / 0% or a 75% / 25% split.  Parenting is a 50% / 50% split in most cases or that is what the old saying is.  Truthfully parenting is a shared responsibility for both parents.  It doesn’t matter who does the most work as long as both of you are trying to help out each other.  Don’t sit on the fence if you feel like you are doing all of the work and wait for your spouse to jump in, just do it.


Advice “Learn from your elders– ask them what they’ve learned as fathers”

This is a piece of good advice for all dads out there.  You are not alone in this world.  You can also find wisdom and knowledge out there from other dads.  You just have to ask the question.  If you have a young child and you know another dad that has an older child then you can get some pointers from them. On how to raise your child.  Many dads out there will be happy to answer your questions.  There are a couple of Dad groups on Facebook and other social media places you can ask your questions as well if you don’t know someone you can ask.

Advice “When a child does something not so nice, separate their actions from them in your mind. A child is never bad, even though their actions may be”

This is a good piece of advice when dealing with your child especially dealing with punishment for their actions.  There is always a reason your child acted the way they did.  You as a father will need to find out why they acted that way.  They might just want addition and that is the only way they can get it.  Punish the action not the child who did the action.

I hope this series will be a big hit for everyone.  Like always if you see something that I posted wrong or if I leave something out then please feel free to leave a comment or email me the information.  I want this to be something new or veteran dads can use as well as all of the Moms out there.

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