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Somehow this didn’t post on Monday so I apologize for this being late this week.

This is number 13 of 25 posts in this series.  I hope you are learning new things with this series.  Feel free to check out the rest of them by clicking here.  The following advice will only work if you put the time and effort into making them work.  I hope you are getting positive results by doing what I have listed already.

If this are things that you are already doing then just consider this as a refresher course as being a Dad.  But please still read the article because you might learn something new or even can add more in the comment section if you have a better way to explain it.

Moms can do these as well as Dads so don’t be afraid to try Moms.


Advice “Speak as one with your wife, so your kids don’t play you off on one another”

This is a very important advice.  Your kids will play you against your spouse if they get two different answers to their question.  This is normal and part of being human to get your way.  You need to show a strong front with your spouse and stick with their answer.  If you have a problem with it then take your spouse away from the kids and discuss it with them.  Always remember “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

Advice “Do you say yes all the time? Use no when you mean it, even if they don’t like it”

Don’t let your kid’s bully their way to the answer they want.  Only say yes fi you really mean it and say no as well.  They need to learn boundaries and rules in your home.  They might not like it and through a tantrum, but they will respect you in the long run.  This is were being patience is a key.

Advice “Do you say no all the time? Say yes once in a while”

Similar to the previous answer.  If you say no all of the time then you risk your kids losing confidence in you letting them do things and when they get older they will become a rebel to your rules.  Let them win once in a while and see how much that will go towards the positive like their attitude towards you and respect towards you.  They will start thinking something is wrong if you always tell them no and start telling them yes.

Advice “Snuggle with your kids”

This is a good way to make you happy as well as your kids.  They tend to open up to me about their day if they are having a bad day that day.  It makes them safe and re-enforces that in their minds.  Remember how you felt when your parents snuggled with you and if you didn’t have this as a kid then give it a try to see how it feels from a parent side.

I hope this series will be a big hit for everyone.  Like always if you see something that I posted wrong or if I leave something out then please feel free to leave a comment or email me the information.  I want this to be something new or veteran dads can use as well as all of the Moms out there.

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