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This article is my own opinion on what has happened earlier.  I have a friend in High School commit suicide 2 weeks after graduation.  If you feel depressed and Suicidal then please seek help at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or your local help line. Here is my response.

Logan Paul is a 22 year old YouTuber that have been You Tubing since he was 10 years old. He has millions of followers that watch the stuff he does on his channel.  He got a real dose of reality this week when he uploaded his third episode from Japan on December 31st, 2017.  

The video he released was about the Aokigahara forest or known as the suicide forest at the bottom of Mount Fuji in Japan.  He released the video when his party discovered a person that committed suicide hours before in the forest.  He treated the situation unprofessional as possible.  His party act like they are shocked which is a normal reaction and he was asking his guide if it was real.  Then they showed the body hanging from the tree.  Later in the video his party started laughing and making jokes around the idea of death.  

In his recent apology, he stated he was trying to bring awareness to suicide and he didn’t mean for this viral storm to happen nor to disrespect the victims family.  This is not what I see from it.  His apology is a way for him to try saving face and keep his channel since he makes a lot of money from it.

He knew actually what he was doing when he upload this video.  I included “This is not Click-bait” in front of his video.  He showed the body hanging in his thumbnail for the video.  He used it not to bring awareness to suicide first but to make more money on this video.

He knew what he would probably see in the forest since it is called the suicide forest for a reason.  He went off the trail on purpose and later in the video was told that was against the law.  He planned for everything about the video except the backlash he received from it.  The apologies he made was for the backlash only.  If this didn’t go viral then the video would still be up and running for kids to see it.

He had 600 thousand likes and over 6 million views before he pulled the video down, but the video is still all over the internet.  Just google it and you will see.  You Tube is so worry about protecting kids on there platform, they  should banned him and his brother from it.  Remember the family they banned for making and playing horrible jokes including yelling and screaming at them.  This was thousand time worse then that.  He should be banned and required to take his videos revenue from Japan and donate for suicide awareness.  

There have been several people and other YouTubers that came out  against his actions on uploading the video.  One YouTuber family Eh Bees even made their response video for this issue.  As I agree with most of what they said but except for one piece.  They blame bad parenting for allowing your kids to watch him for the 600 thousand likes the video got.  But they use their own kids to make revenues off of their channel. 

 I believe this was a bad stab at parenting by them.  I agree about watching what your kids are seeing on YouTube.  But how can you take advice from the family that makes money off of their kids performing on their channel.  I’m reviewing if I even want my kids to watch the Eh Bees now for this comment.

I know I will get hate mail from this post but I really don’t care.  I’m not gaining anything off of this post either.  This is just my opinion and I’m not judging Logan or Eh Bee family.  God will judge them and he will make judgement on them.

If you feel depressed and Suicidal then please seek help at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at

1-800-273-8255 or your local help line.