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I finally found a picture for my blog header. It is a baseball field since that is where I planning on spending the first part of the summer at. My oldest son T is playing baseball. He is a good batter and a decent catcher / outfielder on the team he is on. He hasn’t played any games yet but he already has a battle scar from the baseball hitting him in the check. He is a little bit bruised but is just fine.

My other boy J is going to play baseball next month. His season is only four weeks long and is indoors with a soft baseball. He likes watching his brother play.

The twins, M and L, are just being two year olds and they are a hand full. They expect me to give them all of my attention especially when T is doing his homework in the evenings.

Between all four kids my day starts out at 6 AM and ends around 11 PM if I’m lucky. I’m doing this while trying to be a good husband to Busy Mom. Sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds and other times it is too easy. Yes I do work and it is sometimes stressful at work with deadlines and due dates.

That is why having date nights with your love one is a very important step in having a sane household. Else I would be pulling my hair out instead of cutting it all off like I do now. We try to have a date nigh at least once a month. It gives us a break from reality of having four kids.

Do you have date nights or something similar? Share your stories in the comments. Or feel free to use my ideas as well.