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An urban footpath from www.wikipedia.org


If you have been following my blog during the A to Z Challenge and you are now thinking that I should have been doing this in my life, then ever fear you can. All it takes is for you to change your ways and go down a new path.

Your kids might not notice at first that you changed anything. But believe me they do. If you start reading a book at bedtime, spend one on one time with them, or even start sitting down at the kitchen table for dinner, they will notice. The stuff that they might not notice right away is if you telling them you love them more often than you have been doing.

At first this might cause you to have a confused look on their faces. Change hardly goes smoothly in any part of your life. But they will get with it and then it will be part of the new routine. If you decide to start eating healthier and feeding your kid’s healthier options then they might get confused. But after a few times then it becomes normal to them. Children are so easily molded when they are at a younger age.

I’m not telling you that you have to change or forcing you to change your current ways. You are an adult. But when I did change my ways and following what I have been posting on this site a few years ago. The rewards from the changes have been awesome.

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, you are making memories with your child and that might be the thing you are changing.

What new path or changes did you do that would benefit your kids or family? Was it a good or bad change and was it worth it? Please leave your responses in the comments section below.