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A chalkboard.

A chalkboard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the title of this post suggest, you will always teach your kids as a parent. Part of this process is that you will also learn from your kids as well as from other parents. Since you are reading my blog then you must be trying to learn from this or you just happened to stop by from a challenge that I’m in or even just for some humor.

The day that you became a father or mother is the day you also become a teacher to your child. It doesn’t matter if the child was born or adopted into your family you are still a teacher to that child. Not only a teacher, but the most important teacher your child will have.

You are asking why I made the statement about you are a teacher. It is because you are going to teach your child about life and what type of culture you are in. Kids are a blank slate when they are born and it is up to you as a parent to mold that child into the person he or she will grow up to be. This is called teaching and you are now a teacher.

I have taught my kids a lot of different stuff from how to behave to good manners and how to treat people around you. I’m even trying to teach my children to be good Christian men and women in our country. I’m not telling you to raise your child by the bible (Even though it is a good resource for fathers out there in many cases.), but raise them to be a good person in our current culture.

We need more kindness and helpfulness as well as humble people in this world. Teach your sons to be more respectful to woman and treat them well. Teach your daughters to find the right guy and to have patience while they are looking. And teach them not to fall into peer pressure in today’s society.

Teach your kids to don’t give up on the first sign of overwhelmed. Teach them how to handle it. Some parents give up and want their lifestyle of going out to the local bars every night and leave their kids at the grand-parents house or even at the sitters. What do you think they are teaching their kids? Will their kids have responsibility in life or just find the fastest way to shift it to another person? Not saying all kids end up that way, just making you think about it for a moment.

So now since I have your attention and got you thinking of a positive or negative response to this post, then I have done what I wanted to do. I could go on with this, but I’ll save that for another post. I want to get you to think about it and leave your comments about it.

So please leave them below. This is a family friendly site so please keep the comments clean.