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This is one of the traits I try teaching my kids as much as possible. And this is a challenging task to do with three younger kids. But the results are very rewarding to you and to your kids at the end. My oldest son is showing kindness in many ways but sharing. There are several benefits in sharing with I get to in a little bit.

My kids don’t always share things with each other and they fight like cats and dogs in some cases. But at the end, they learn how to share or even start sharing with a big smile on their faces. Sharing can make everyone happy and bring peace to the situation.

Another benefit to sharing is that it help teach your kids to be humble with others. This is an awesome trait to have. Being humble is something everyone needs to learn.

It also brings peace and less chaos in your day. Instead of having your kids fight like dogs and cats, they will be playing in peace. Having small children in your house almost means there is very little quietness in your home.

I have seen both were sharing works and don’t work with your kids. It is a hard trait to teach to your child so be prepared for the long journey. Another reason sharing doesn’t work correctly is due to stubbornness.

Sharing is also a way to show your friendship and make new friends for your child or for you as a parent.

Leave your comments below on how you witness your kids sharing something with each other or with another kid?

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