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Quality and Value

Quality and Value (Photo credit: wetwebwork)


The only thing I can come up for the letter “V” was value.  This was a very hard letter for this challenge so far, but I have a few letters left.  So why are values so important.  Being a parent value means a lot of different things because we compare our children to a lot of physical or non-physical stuff.

We need to make sure we value our children higher than a lot of stuff.  For example some parents weight money more important than their kids by working long hours.  Really they are missing time with their kids and family.  Another on is spending time doing stuff that makes them happy and not spending it with their children and family.  In both of these examples the parents are not spending time with their kids and family but it is for two different reasons.  One was for physical (money) and the other is for non-physical (Mental) .

I try to value my kids higher than most of the stuff I have or do.  Again I’m not perfect in any way and I still make mistakes in one way or another almost daily.  Yes I said daily since I’m only human and I’m still learning how to be a good parent and father.  It is a hard journey to make sure my kids grow up into the person I hope they will turn out to be.  No I’m not talking about what they are growing up to be..

When was the last time you value something over your kids?  How did it make you feel afterwards?  What did you missed out on?  If you don’t have kids then used a niece or nephew instead if you are close to them.  Leave your answers below in the comments section.