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Cubby House Melbourne

Cubby House Melbourne (Photo credit: mattshomes)

Today was a busy day for all of us at my house. It was full-blown Spring cleaning. The kids had a hard day of playing outside in the 70 degree weather with the sun out. Busy Mom was busy making spring food and cleaning the kitchen area. I was busy cleaning up the yard and getting my landscaping ready for some new mulch.

After we got all cleaned up and went out to dinner, all three younger kids were out for a quick nap. We ate a good dinner and then come back home after some needed shopping. Now all four kids are in bed and asleep before 9 o’clock P.M. and the house is quiet.

So everyone is worn out from today’s activities and is sleeping or getting ready to go to sleep. I also played with my kids during the time we were outside so I didn’t get everything done outside in the yard that I wanted to do. But it is worth it though.

How did you spend your day if it was like the one today? What do you do with your kids? Leave your comments below.