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dreams (Photo credit: idlphoto)

First of all, I apologized for not posting this yesterday. I was busy with home and school activities. It’s a life of a busy dad.

When we were young kids our dreams were to get to the magical age of 21. (18 if you are older than me) That is the age when we became an adult as well as having a cool job at the time and making tons of money. Maybe your dream might be a little different from mine but it is just the same.

Now after being an adult for a while and getting a little bit older we want to stop time. Some of us wish we could go back to those non-stressful days when we were younger to only to live without worry or fear of any type. Ok, maybe not the fear we are feeling as an adult. I haven’t seen a child not be afraid of the dark or something under their bed.

Now I see this in my oldest son as he told me that he can’t wait to grow up and learn to drive. My oldest daughter is also talking about how she is going to drive as well as make money from a place of work.

Children can teach us all kinds of things in life. It not all bad and it doesn’t have to be your child who teaches you. Children start off with the purest hearts.

Now it’s your turn. What dream did you have when you were a child? What dreams have your children shared with you that they want to be? Please leave your comments and stories below.