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Hand X-Ray

Hand X-Ray (Photo credit: Trace Meek)

At least that is what my kids were playing this weekend. They all played different characters in their make-believe place. One was the Green Goblin, one was Spiderman, one was a princess, and the last one was a school kid. Yes, my oldest daughter pretended she was a school kid. What surprises me is that all four were playing with each other in these different roles.

This makes me realize that my kids can teach me a thing or two being a good dad. This reminds me of the different roles I have to play and how they have to play together as well. Even it doesn’t seem they can even play together nicely. I have to be a dad, husband, a good Christian, a good friend, an office worker, a good judge and jury to my kids, a bus driver (That is what my kids call me when I take them to school), and any other role I have to play. Like my kids, they have to play together. Sometimes I feel that I need to have super powers to do all of this.

Moms have to do this as well or even more than what us dads do. At least it looks like it from my point of view. But it depends what play you are in and how you were raised.

The benefit of what I do and how I handle being in so many roles is what my kids will learn and pass down to their kids when they have them. Trying to be so many roles can increase your stress levels, but be patience and kind as well as slow to anger then you will be just fine.

Now it is your turn. How many or what types of roles do you have to be as a dad or mom in your life? How do you handle the stress of being so many roles? If you don’t have any kids, then how do you handle stress in general or how do you like my blog so far? I’m trying to make this a more interactive post then my previous posts on here. Leave your comments and answers below.