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Today is my oldest 12th birthday.  Yes he is now a dozen years old and the last 12 years flew by fast.  But the one characteristic that he shows on a daily basis is his caring for others.

Showing that you care about others does not make you a weak or easy target for people to take advantage of.  It shows that you are a strong person that is not selfish towards others.

Others will look up to you as a good person and someone that they can go to if they need help with anything.  At least that is what it felt like when I was growing up.

It’s a way to help a kid with his confidence as well as a way to build each other up and support each other in the time of need.  I had a few friends as a child that was there in a time of need in my life and I was there for them.

This is one of the characteristics I teach my kids and so far it is the best one besides being nice and greeting everyone with a smile.  It makes me proud when they show caring for others as well as towards their siblings.

What is one of the main characteristics you were taught growing up?  What is the first characteristic did you teach your child or children?  There is no right or wrong answers for these questions.

Feel free to leave your answer in the comments and I will respond to the questions you have.

A to Z Challenge Letter C

A to Z Challenge
Letter C