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As a parent of four energized kids I can’t wait for summer to come full time.  It is getting tiring to pick up the house almost on an hourly schedule.  At least in the summertime I can get the kids to go outside and enjoy the outdoors as well as any messes they make will also be outside.

So that is enough of “the pick up after kids’ part” of the writing and onto why we are eager for summer.  It is a time to go the beach at the lake by our home, to go to the local swimming pool that has a couple nice slides in it, and to just be outside as a family and enjoying it.

We are big on spending time outside of the house.  We get a yearly pass to the swimming pool and almost every night during the week we are there.  We like to take our kids to the lake as well as spend time looking at nature.  We plan our vacation for sometime in the summer as well as any BBQs we are planning on having with the kids.

Bet it just gives the kids a fresh breath of freedom and not having to spend to whole day in the house.  After a while playing in the house kind of becomes boring.  Especially spending all winter inside due to the snow and cold weather we have here.  It is also a sign that school is almost over and my kids about this time of the year start hoping for school to be over as soon as possible.  I remember this thought as well when I was a child.

I remember playing in the parks, riding bicycles and playing pickup ball games during the summer months.  As well as swimming and fishing.  I like the summer months and so does my kids.

What are you favorite memories of summer as a kid or with your own kids?  If you are not a summer type of person then which season is yours and why?  Feel free to leave your answer in the comments and I will respond to the questions you have.

A to Z Challenge Letter E

A to Z Challenge Letter E