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This is a tough subject to talk to kids about and sometimes kids don’t even ask about it.  It is the subject of Life and Understanding Life.  I got the privilege to answer this subject with my kids a little while ago.  I can’t remember how the topic was brought up but I Uknow I didn’t bring the topic up.

If you ever think about this topic, you already have found out there are several emotions attached to it.  In this case it was about why my father-in-law was not with us anymore.  My oldest is the only one alive before my father-in-law died.  The younger kids never met him when he was alive.  My wife still tears up about this subject as I do as well.  I remember it was a very hard think to talk about.

I believe this was brought up since there was two kids this year in my oldest daughter’s class that lost one of their parents.  This is the first time any of my kids have to deal with death at school and it happened twice in the same year.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience with your kids on talking about Life and death with them.  I would like to hear them to make sure I approached the topic correctly with my kids.

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