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This is number 16 of 25 posts in this series.  I hope you are learning new things with this series.  Feel free to check out the rest of them by clicking here.  The following advice will only work if you put the time and effort into making them work.  I hope you are getting positive results by doing what I have listed already.

If this are things that you are already doing then just consider this as a refresher course as being a Dad.  But please still read the article because you might learn something new or even can add more in the comment section if you have a better way to explain it.

Moms can do these as well as Dads so don’t be afraid to try Moms.


Advice “Act as if you’re the best dad ever”

This should be something you practice all of the time.  Being the best Dad is the hardest job you will ever have.  I have seen the results of Dads that don’t do this as well as Dads that only do this half of the time.  The results are mostly what you don’t want your kids to turn out to be.  Being the best Dad will give your kids respect, love, honor, and a place where they want to be.

Advice “Imagine you’ve only got one week left to live. How would you treat your kids? What’s stopping you from doing that right now?”

You need to treat your kids like it’s your last week of your life every week.  This is a way to make sure you live life to the fullest.  Find out what is not allowing you to do this and change it so that you can start living life this way today.  This can go with the previous advice as well.  Just another way to be the best dad ever.

Advice “Let your kids see you cry”

This will show your kids that you are human and you have feelings too.  This will also help your kids learn compassion as well.  It also shows that you have feelings.

Advice “Explore every park in your town”

You can turn this into an adventure as well with your kids.  There are several health benefits for doing this including walking, playing, and staying off of electronics.  If you live in a small town then you can turn this into a weekend activity or if you live in a bigger city then you can turn this into a summer or multiple weekend activity.  This is a way to get fresh air and have fun with your kids.  Pack a lunch and have a picnic while you are doing this.

You might learn more about your community and your town by doing this.  You might even find an activity or a celebration going on there that you can partake in as well.  Even explore parks in other towns if you like as well.  We traveled to a different town to do this and found out the town was celebrating their town’s birthday with a parade.  Things like this will be remembered by your kids for a long time.

I hope this series will be a big hit for everyone.  Like always if you see something that I posted wrong or if I leave something out then please feel free to leave a comment or email me the information.  I want this to be something new or veteran dads can use as well as all of the Moms out there.

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