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Cinema 4 at HOYTS, Forest Hill Shopping Centre, Forest Hill, Victoria, Australia. from www.wikipedia.org


Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Every married couple with kids or even without kids should have a Date Night or in my case a Date Day. There are several reasons you need should have one, but I’ll explain why my wife and I have one.

My wife and I have a date day once a month. Why once a month, because it fits our busy schedule that we have. I know a couple that have one every other week. I also heard of couple having one once a week as well. It is not how often you have one, its having one period.

You need to have one to spend quality time with each other and remember why you are spending your life with them. I know kids are part of the family, but you do need time away from them. In my opinion, this is true if you have multiple kids in your family.

I my case we have a date day. It is just easier for us to take time off from work and send the kids to school or to the sitters for us. This way we have a day to enjoy having each other’s company as well as go out for lunch and sometimes do some shopping without having to worry about what the kids are going to do. We even sometimes go out to a movie as well.

Another positive thing about having a date day or night is that you can re-energize yourself emotionally. At least that is what if fells like for me.

So now it is your turn. Do you take date nights or days in your relationships? What type of thing s do you do? (Yes I know that was a loaded question, but please remember this is a kind of kids friendly site with humor.) Leave your comments below.