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Tom's Restaurant, NYC. from www.wikipedia.org


They are words I hear multiple times a day everyday from my kids.  If I had a dollar for every time they say them I would be rich.  OK maybe not rich, but I’m not joking on how many times I hear them.

My boys are in the phase of eating my wife and I out of a house.  They try to find out almost at every meal if we are eating out since they both love pizza from Happy Joe’s or from Pizza.

My girls favorite word is “EWWW!” even if it is not a word correctly used.  They use it if they don’t like food that we give them.  They really used it if they don’t like something they see.  Example is every time they see a couple kissing on television, they will say “EWWW!”.  It is sometimes down right funny when they use it.

My kids will start using different words and phrases as they get older and I will always have this to remind them of which words and phrases they used.

I am also sorry for having this post out late, but my weekends are the busiest time of the week.