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Combination playground equipment (plastic) from www.wikipedia.org


This weekend my family took time to have some fun during the nice weather we are having. We decide to have a Fun Day on Saturday and it flowed into Sunday for my oldest son (T).

It started out on Saturday when the kids went out to our backyard and played on the playground equipment. We have a slide and swing combo that sits out back of my house. They played on that for a while then we went to a normal park before we decided to go out shopping for supplies for the next week as well as letting my oldest spend some of his birthday money e received.

That made a long night since we didn’t get back home until late that night. Then on Sunday the three little ones played in the backyard again as my wife took my oldest to the movies to go see the new Captain America movie. They both liked it, but says that the movie was long. This was also after going to an Easter Egg Hunt and after going to church.

So the fun day became a Fun weekend and this will give you a glimpse of why I named my blog as the “Life of a Busy Dad”.