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Tooting Bec Lido, in South London from www.wikipedia.org


I’m talking about the hot days of summer and the fun kid activities during those days. My kid’s are tired and done with snow and is starting to ask about going to the parks and playing outside. They are also asking about one of their favorite activities dealing with water and it is not fishing.

I hear every other day the same question over and over again. My youngest daughter comes up to me and says, “Can we go swimming today?” As the rest of them follow her into the room my wife and I are in. I see now that they are sending the youngest one in to ask the question they all want to know. How clever they are.

My kids have been around water since they were babies. It is an activity my wife and I love doing with the kids. I benefit of doing this activity is that all four kids will be to bed and asleep early on the days they swim.

So we try to go every time we can to our local swimming pool. Our local swimming pool has a diving board and several slides for all ages as well as a play area for the younger kids close to the zero entry point of the pool. We always have a blast going to the pool.

On the days it is too cool to swim, we tend on going to the parks around town so that they can play on the park equipment. This year this might be a little different since so bad things have happened with some of the equipment at parks in a town nearby. But that is for a different time and different post.

I hope that it doesn’t get to hot this summer. Last time it gotten in the 100 degree range we didn’t go outside as much since to was extremely too hot. Time will only tell.

So what are your favorite family activities during the summertime or is your family more of a wintertime family? What memories do you have during those family times do you remember? Please feel free to leave your answers in the comment section of this post.

Thank you for taking time to read my posts and leave comments. I was also thinking about starting a podcast but I’m still not sure about it yet. I’ll have a poll up later about that topic your you to answer.