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One of my kid’s favorite snacks during the summertime is ice cream. The flavors could be different types based on the mood they are in. Actually ice cream is one of their favorite snacks during anytime of the year.

We always have a tub or two of ice cream in our freezer on a daily basis and they are not always the same flavors either. We try to keep the flavors rotating to introduce new flavors to my kids. Some of the flavors are a big hit and others are as bad as brussels sprouts.

Some of the favorite flavors are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate chip cookie dough. They also like other flavors like raspberry cheesecake by Duff. They do have a lot of choices since the local ice cream shop has 100 plus flavors of ice cream cones.

I use it as a positive reward at times and it does work.

Let’s hear your stories and memories with your kid(s) and ice cream or another favorite treat. Leave your thoughts in the comments please.

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