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I have a couple different posts for the letter J in the A to Z Challenge. So I will post this one about using my blog to journal about my kids and save the Judging post for later or even a bonus post. So here is my post for the letter J.


The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank on display at the Anne Frank Zentrum in Berlin, Germany. from www.wikipedia.org


Why am I blogging about my kids on my blog? That is a simple answer to me. It is because my kids are a big part of my life right now as well as my wife. This again is why I named my blog as ‘Life of a Busy Dad”. I am using my blog kind of like a hand written journal. This is a way my kids will be able to go back to my blog and read it. I thought I might also print my blog out and turn it into a personal book for each of my kids.

Another reason I blog about my kids is that I will always have a never-ending resource of posts for it. If you have any young kids, then you will know this first hand. They are very active and full of life. Plus I like sharing things my kids do or are doing right now.

It will also give me a platform to improve my writing and communication skills as well as how to communicate my thoughts to others. This is a big deal since this is my weakness. If I get to a point where I start a podcast on my blog, then this will help me to do public speaking. Great things you need to be successful in life and in your work place.

Why did you start blogging on your site? Why did you use that name for your blog? Are you looking to use your blog to help in your daily writing or communications skills? Please leave your comments below.