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Author: Bagande. from www.wikipedia.org


Love is a very powerful word in the mind and eyes of a child.  They are always looking for it from their parents.  It is also the word the bible talks about a lot.

I always find time to tell my kids that I love them.  IT could be in the morning or at bedtime.  I sometimes tell them when they are feeling down.  It is a good way to put a smile on your child’s face.  This also works for your spouses as well.

You will also need to show it as well as say it to your kids.  Reading to your kids at bedtime or making it a special occasion to go out to a movie with each of your kids.  There is several ways to show how much you love them.  You could easily go fishing with your kids.  Showing love doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on them.

How do you show your kids that you love them?  If you have no kids then your spouse?  Please leave your comments below.