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Two skills every parent should have at all times and they happen to start with the letter “P”. Passionate and patience are not always the easiest skills to do. If you don’t have these skills and you have kids then you are probably having a hard time being a parent.

I know I’m not patient with my kids all of the time and I’m trying to work on it every day. You have to be patient when you talk to your kids as well as patience when you correct them when they did something wrong. This way you are not correcting your kids out of anger and do something you regret doing.

Passionate is another skill I use with my kids all of the time. You will have a positive outcome with them when you are passionate to them. It is also a good trait to teach them.

When was the last time you show these traits when correcting your children? When was the last time you didn’t? Leave your answers in the comment section.



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