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Every parents dream of multiple small children is quiet time. It’s a time for a parent to relax for a little bit without worrying or thinking of what their kids are doing for a few seconds. If you have older children than you know how much quiet time is value as a parent. If you have real young kids than you will know what I’m talking about once your child or children get into the toddler years or higher.

I enjoy my quiet time I get while around my kids. It is mostly when they are asleep or if we are watching a movie at home. If I’m away from them for a few hours then it feels unnatural since I’m so used to the noise around me. It is funny that when the noise levels and the chaos started around the house it was unnatural. Now it is just normal noise.

If my house all of a sudden gets quiet, then I start doing a head count of my kids. Most times this happens when they are getting into trouble or they are trying couching one of them into doing something they are not supposed to do. So quiet time is sometimes not as quiet as I would like it to be.

So do you treasure your quiet time with your kids or do you wonder what trouble they are getting into? Leave your comments below.