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school bus stop (11-06-08)

school bus stop (11-06-08) (Photo credit: sun dazed)

The letter “R” was a hard one to write about today. I had already written two different posts for this letter, but both of them will be use at a later time. So for this challenge, I’m writing about routines and why they are so important in the lives of parents and children.

Routines is one of the most simplest and important things to do while being a parent. It will help keep your busy lives in check as well as keeping your sanity. I know this is the case in my house when it comes to routines. They are good in many ways and it keeps chaos out of your life.

Having a routine will keep parents organized and allow kids to follow a pattern. The younger your kids are , the more this comes into play and how much this becomes a teaching moment as well. It gives your kids structure in life. I’m not saying to not have a little bit of spontaneous life outside of your normal routine. In this case a little spontaneous chaos in your kids life will keep them on their toes and training them about change that happens in the world.

Another advantage of routines is that everyone is calm with little to no frustration. At least I hope it is calm in your house. I know it is in my house since we have a routine in place. It also helps with time management. It allows you to get your kids to the bus stop or even to school on time without having to rush in the mornings. It also helps get your kids into bed.

How does your routines work for you? If you don’t have any routines, then are you going to start one? Please leave your answer below in the comments.





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