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As a parent with four kids, it is sometimes hard to focus on the good stuff and just focus on the bad stuff.  This is good only if you are correcting them but it will show them that you only care about the bad stuff.  You need to show them by commenting on the good stuff that you really care.

The more good stuff you focus on, the more the child will feel loved and the less they will act out.  I have found this out the hard way and now it is harder to correct then it was to do it in the first place.

All a child ever want is to be loved and to have someone pay attention to them and to have that person care about them.  So by focusing on the good stuff you ultimately are showing them this.  It could be just as simple as saying you are proud of them and what good choices they made.

I would go on and on about this topic but it ultimately has to be shown to your children then for me to just lecture about it.  This is a very important key to being a parent and raising your kids to be good people in society.  Since we need a lot of good people out there now days.

When was the last time you focus on the good stuff your child or children did?  What are your thoughts on this subject since I have a few younger readers out there?  Feel free to leave your answer in the comments and I will respond to the questions you have.

A to Z Challenge Letter F

A to Z Challenge Letter F