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Everyone needs to live life to the fullest because you will never know when it will end.  I have learned this the hard way in the past month.  As a dad of four kids it is hard to think of not seeing them grow up or get married or even have kids of their own.

But have you thought of what they remember you for?  Do you play catch with your kids or dance with them or even listen to a story they want to tell you?  You might be losing a chance to make an influence on your kids and have them remember you for being a dad or mom that lived their life to the fullest.

The more memories you have with your kids, the longer you live in their hearts.  For example, I don’t remember much of my grandpa on my dad’s side of the family.  He never played with us grandkids.  He end up getting old and had to use a wheelchair.  I know he was my grandpa by blood, but I really don’t know him.

This is what you want to avoid with your kids or even your grandkids.  Live life to the fullest and include them in every part of it.

I kind of left the idea that I learned this in the last month is because I have a “lump” in me that they don’t know what it is.  They have a guess for the best but they don’t know and it could be the big bad “C” word.  I will have it removed on Friday and see what it really is.

Even if this is the best case scenario, it is still a huge wakeup call to me.  Life is short to waste it away on stuff that doesn’t matter.  Stuff that matters is your religion and your family.

When did you have your wakeup call about living life to the fullest or was this you’re your wakeup call?  Life is too short, what are you going to do today with your kids or grandkids?  Feel free to leave your answer in the comments and I will respond to the questions you have.

A to Z Challenge Letter L

A to Z Challenge Letter L