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One of the best feelings is to know you are mentoring someone else.  Mentoring can range from training someone on the work or even to a parent teaching a child to do something.

I have lots of chances to mentor my kids from everyday stuff on how to act or tell them a story to helping them bake and cook or even ride a bike.  I remember mentoring and teaching my oldest son how to play baseball.  This included throwing, catching, and hitting a baseball.  Sometimes it was challenging and others seems to be too easy.

I remember being mentored by my father when I was young.  I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow and learned the concepts of archery.  But I also wasn’t taught how to swim by him.  Believe me, he tried several ways to mentor and teach me but they all failed and he gave up on it.  I wasn’t until I was an adult before I learned how to swim and it was by an instructor at the YMCA.

That brings me to a very important piece in mentoring anyone including kids is that patience.  Time is another piece that comes in a close second to patience.  If you don’t have both then the chance of you mentoring someone has a higher chance to fail then to be successful.

If you are being patient and take your time mentoring, then you will teach your child the right way but you will also create everlasting memories that both of you will have.

What was the last time you mentor your child in anything and what was it?  When was the last time your dad or mom mentor you and what was it?  Feel free to leave your answer in the comments and I will respond to the questions you have.

A to Z Challenge Letter M

A to Z Challenge Letter M