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A is for Appreciation.  Yes my first post for the A to Z Challenge will cause some Dads to think long and hard at what they are doing.

I’m doing this as I sit here writing this blog post as well.  In not at all perfect and I do A2Z-BADGE 2016-smallerstruggle to on a daily basis trying to be the best dad and husband that I can.

I have been noticing a lot of Dads writing and talking about making life choices and getting a divorce on social media.  I don’t know all of the reason nor do I need to know all of the reasons for your choices.  Most of the talk I hear is all self center and not noticing what they have until it is too late and someone or some child gets hurt by it.

Everyone needs to take a step back from what you are doing and appreciate what you have in front of you before it is too late.  Be happy at what you got and who you married because you did at one time or you wouldn’t be married right now.  Remember how precious and important your child or children are.

Because one day it can be over in a blink of an eye.  Life is too short to waste time and not appreciate what you got in front of you.  At the end, friends come and go but family stays together through the best and the hard times in life.  Your spouse will help you more often and be there for you if you show her or him appreciation.

Appreciation is one of the key words I don’t hear people say or talk about that much.  I mostly here it if someone is getting something from another person like a gift or helping someone do a task.

As I state that above, I do appreciate you stopping by and reading my blog post.  Feel free to comment below with your thoughts as well as your opinions about this post.

@LifeofaBusyDad from Life of a Busy Dad Blog