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B is for bouncing trampolines and birthdays.  Today is a big day in our family.  My oldest goes from a preteen to a full-blown teenager at the age of 13 with an attitude of a 20-year-old.  So to make his birthday a fun day today, we are going to the nearest (over an hour drive) trampoline park around us.

I never knew what a trampoline park was until last year when my sister-in-law found one and took my wife and our kids to it.  I have yet to see what one looks like inside but They told me it was wall to wall of trampolines with ball pits at the end of them so kids can jump into them.

There was kids doing all types of tricks like flips and twists.  My oldest wanted to go back there for his birthday so as part of his present and party we are.  I’ll have to write-up a follow-up to how it was.  Maybe I’ll used another letter in the challenge to write about it or just wait after the challenge is over.  But I will write about it.

The rest of my son’s birthday present is still not here yet.  It was scheduled to arrive here on Friday and yet it hasn’t shown up at the store.  We bought him a basketball hoop because he really like to play basketball and the old hoop we had broken.  I hop it at least come in today.

What fun stuff do you do for your kids birthdays?  What new things have they tried and liked?  Please feel free to leave comments below.

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