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The definition of persuasive is “good at persuading someone to do or believe something through reasoning or the use of temptation.”. This is what you will get if youP look it up in Google.

My kids try their hardest to persuade my wife and I into doing things or getting things or going places for them.  Most of the time it doesn’t work.  I will give them E for effort.

The last thing I remember is that my youngest son try to persuade me into thinking he didn’t get a bedtime snack.  He did get a snack with the rest of the kids at the normal bedtime snack time right before bed.  He just didn’t want to go to bed so he tried to get another snack.  I have forgotten to give snacks before but this time I did remember giving him one.

In the end he didn’t get a snack as well as remembering that I gave him one before bed.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience with kids that try to persuade you.

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