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This is one of my favorite words.  Since I have four kids in my house it is also a word I don’t use much unless I’m heading to bed.  I like to rest when I can.  I have been building a playhouse for my kids as well as putting in long hours at work.  This is the first Sunday Rin a couple of weeks that I can just relax and rest.

So while I’m resting I’m also catching up with other things that I didn’t have time to do like writing.  Everyone needs to have rest days so you can relax and re-energize for the next day or week.  A person can get burnt out of doing something if they don’t rest.  This is what I feel like at work right now.

Another activity I use to help me rest besides writing and reading is fishing.  Fish is one of the most relaxing sports that I do.  It is also an activity that I will pass down to my kids.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience with kids on the different ways to rest and relax.

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