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Courage and curious  are the words that I’m using for the letter C.  This describes my kids daily activities.  They are always curious and wanting to do and try new things. C They tried going to a trampoline park this last weekend and end up having a blast as well.

This is where the Courage comes in as well.  They all built up courage to start doing back flips and forward flips on the trampolines into a pit of foam squares.  My youngest daughter took a couple hits to the back of the head against the trampoline.  But like a trooper, she never gave up and she had the courage to try it again until she got it right.

My oldest son didn’t do much flips on the trampolines.  He liked trying to dunk the basketball off of a trampoline.  In general, the 90 minutes we spent at the park for our time slot was full of curiosity and courage.

The next day was full of sore muscles and legs from jumping so much.  Now I’m curious on how they will handle going back again to the trampoline park.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience at a trampoline park.

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