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Going on Vacation can be the best experience with kids as well as the roughest experience.  My family had both on the same trip.  This was back before my youngest son was diagnosed with ADD.  If you have a child or been around a child that has this, Gyou know it can be a challenge.

I know for a fact that I was in denial of him having anything wrong with him before this trip and know I wished I was more open to the issues around him.  I thought the teachers and the school was picking on him and that he was acting up and crying at school to counter it or just to act out.  But I’ll save this story for another post.

I know he gets angry when he gets frustrated which is a normal reaction in my side of the family.  So I just thought it was normal and I personally never seen him act that way in person.

So our trip was to Disney World in Florida which was my kids first time to the park and at the end of the trip I thought it would be our last trip anywhere.  During the mornings and early afternoon everyone was having a blast and my youngest son only showed how impatient he was waiting to ride on rides.  I also seen other kids acting the same way.

It wasn’t until he stopped listening to directions during half way through the trip when the rough part of the trip came into play.  He stop listening when we asked him to go to bed.  He starts yelling at us if he was playing with his toys.

Overall the trip was fun most of the time but my wife and I decided to have him tested when we got back from Florida to see what is happening with him.  He had a rough start at the beginning when he spent 38 days in the NICU.  So after we found out he had 5 of the 7 markers for ADD, we started him on medicine.

I wished he has on it before we went because he was like night and day with the medicine.  So the moral to the story is to swallow your pride and get your kids checked out if something is not right because it could be something like ADD.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience going on vacation.

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