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Now I’m going to talk about Health with my kids.  As the previous posted stated is that my youngest son has ADD and he wasn’t under medicine on our vacation.  Since he has been taking his medicine for his ADD, he has been a very honest, nice, pleasant little boy. H

We also found out why he was getting so frustrated at school.  He learns slower than the rest of his class.  He is not intelligence slow but learning slow.  Once he learns it then he is able to do it.  This includes spelling and mathematics.

Also my youngest daughter was born with a club foot and recently had surgery to fix this issue.  She is almost completely recovered and the surgery worked.

So you should spend time playing with your kids and keeping them healthy since not all kids have that pleasure.  And for the kids that have some type of health issue then try to treat them as normal as possible since that is what any kids wants.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience with kids that have health issues.

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