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My kids are jumping around the house like it is a bouncy house.  Spring and warm weather can’t get here any faster so I can send them outside.  They are so ready for warmer weather since they are already asking about going fishing and swimming.J

Plus they are getting tired of having to pick up the house after they tear it apart playing.  At least they only have to pick up outside once a week so I can mow the yard.  We are also planning our vacations this year as well as other fun activities.

I’m wanting the kids outside more so I can start my home improvements that I need to do on the house.  It is normal house maintenance that I need to do.  That will be a post for another time.

The first thing on my list is to build my girls a playhouse in the back yard.  A playhouse that could be used as storage in the winter months.  They are so excited about this since last year.  I didn’t have enough time last year to start the playhouse since it was getting close to winter.  This is a project that I will finish this year.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience this winter having your kids stuck inside.

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