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My kids are always learning everyday like most other kids out there.  They also like reading stories and books about any topic that they can learn.  They also love going to the local library to play on the learning computers as well as getting to check out different books.K

My kids love learning for the knowledge.  They are wanting to learn as much as they can and then show my wife and I what they learned.

My youngest daughter loves dancing so she shows us new moves she learned.  My oldest daughter wants to and tries to be an artist by drawing the best pictures she can as well as coloring in the lines in her coloring books.

My youngest boy likes to show me what he learned with Minecraft and Lego’s.  If you don’t know about Minecraft then ask you kid or kids about it and they will be happy to explain it to you.  My oldest is the teenager that always likes sharing what he learned in a book or at school as well as showing how he is getting better at basketball.  Since wrestling is over for the year.

I love when they ask me to share my knowledge with them and watching their faces as they learn from what I teach them.  This could be a simple task or me telling them stories at bedtime.

Knowledge is a powerful thing to teach your kids.  The more they know the more knowledge they will have going out into this world we live in.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience with kids then you share your knowledge with them or when they show their knowledge of stuff to you.

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