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Like my last post mentioned is that my kids are all dare-devil kids.  They will do anything that looks fun and look like an accident waiting to happen.  My youngest daughter proved that at the trampoline park by hitting her head on the trampoline Dwhen she was flipping.

Both of my sons prove this by wrestling at the middle school level ans well as the club level.  Wrestling club level meets are a lot more aggressive and quicker than middle school wrestling.

My oldest daughter proved this by doing gymnastics in the house .  She also get hurt sometimes but then she gets up and start doing it again and not giving up.  Both of my girls are in gymnastics through out Parks Department in our town. They also play on the swing set in the backyard like it is part of their gymnastics.

My youngest boy does this in the backyard as well, but he uses it as an American Ninja Course instead of gymnastics course.  My oldest son likes making a course for his little brother and some of the courses are very interesting.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your kids being dare devils in your life?.

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