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I like bragging about my kids.  I not any different than any other parent out there.  It makes me even more prouder than normal when my kids bring home a piece of paper Ethat tells them and us that they excel at something or an excellence award.

This is a major confidence booster for any kids in school.  This is telling them they are doing a good job at what they are learning and doing.  This works for adults at their jobs as well.  If employers spend a few minutes a month to let their employees get recognized for excellence then the workplace would be a lot better place to work.  Some places already do this, but there still are a lot of places that don’t.

This comes from four kids that love going to school everyday.  My oldest daughter got upset a few weeks ago when she couldn’t go to school because the school district had spring break that week.  That tells you how much they love school and being with their friends.

My oldest is always getting excellence awards in middle school for the subjects of Math and Reading.  They are his two favorite subjects.  I was very good at Math and my wife was very good at reading.

I dis-like reading when I was in school and I was never reinforced to read for 10 to 20 minutes like our kids are.  If I had this as a kid then I might have enjoyed reading.

What was your experience when you see your kids bringing home and excellence award?  Please leave your comments below.

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