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F is for Friendships & Faith

“These are two of my favorite things.”  F

Sorry for the Sound of Music reference there.  If you are too young to know what the Sound of Music is then google it.  It’s an old musical movie.  At least one or both the these words are in your kids discussions when talking to them about other kids around them.

I found out in one evening how much both of these words meant to my youngest daughter.  I started out asking her about her class at school and the kids in her class.  She then started to talk my ear off for the rest of the evening until I had to get her into bed for the night.

She started listing who her friends were and how they are her friend.  She almost listed everyone in her class except for a couple of kids that was picking on her for her foot or hair color.  Which we have addressed in the past with the school and her teachers.

She also start ed going into the bible stories when I asked her “What does faith mean to you?”.  I believe she was just happy to have me listen to her talk.  But I found out how active she is around other kids as well as how her social activities are coming a long.

I’m planning on doing this to the other three kids to see where they are at on these questions and see if there are any issues or problems in their lives away from home.  This might be a good tool to see if your child is pulling away from others or if they are being a loner type of kid.  Which these could develop into other issues as well.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience using these words with your kids.

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